Friday night with the Zonbu…

Well kids, I remain impressed.

I have installed the virtual machine at home, where I have the graphics horsepower to run it full screen at 1280×1024 so I don’t even see my XP desktop underneath. After a few more hours of exploring, I’m still very very impressed. I’m taking notes and I’ll post in more detail, but I have to admit that the bulk of my comments so far fall in to the “fine polish” category and I’m sure they can be addressed relatively easily by the software team.

Overall, I haven’t hit it with anything I’d need to do on a typical quiet Friday night at home that it can’t handle. I’m enjoying Rhapsody Online in my headphones while I write this and I have my Messenger contacts open as well. The system has pretty much done everything as promised so far, with the caveat that I’m still running in a virtual machine within my normal desktop. I even ssh’d in to a server at work to check on something. No problems at all.

-Mr. Zonbu

P.S. The Zonbu team needs to find a way to work with VMWare to make sure the optimization toolkit for video and mouse performance can be installed via the VMWare host, so people can have a smoother experience. Mouse performance in particular is sketchy under Zonbu on VMWare. By the way, why don’t they have a proper pre-built VMWare image ready to go to save us the hassle?


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