A developer/contributor/test LiveCD/LiveDVD for Zonbu is needed

After a few days of attempting to get a test system running on hardware and virtual machine setups that I have access to, I’m come to the inescapable conclusion that a LiveCD/LiveDVD (with full driver support) of the Zonbu desktop is sorely needed.

To really kick things off and tap the momentum and enthusiasm for the product/service, it needs to be dead simple for people to dabble in it. Amazingly, as great as the desktop experience is once you get it working, it was pure classic Linux pain to get there without the hardware. Of course, this is why you would buy the box from Zonbu. However, you don’t want to shut out the curious on the way to their purchase.

I’m not surprised about how hard it has been, I talked about this in an earlier post when I said I thought Gentoo was going to create barriers in this area. So far its proven to be true. Hopefully the Zonbu team will fill this hole quickly so the tools are easier to access. It’s all about letting the community contribute in this we 2.0 world…

-Mr. Zonbu


2 Responses to A developer/contributor/test LiveCD/LiveDVD for Zonbu is needed

  1. […] It would be much easier if they just made a virtual machine available for download and playback with VMPlayer. Just a thought, while they decide what direction to take on a potential LiveCD. […]

  2. […] hope all this means that the LiveCD/LiveDVD is in the works and we can expect that soon […]

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