A dock or launcher for the Zonbu?

The Zonbu uses the “Start Menu” model that we have all become accustomed to.

It’s what MS Widnows uses, it’s what KDE uses and it’s sort of “the way things are typically done” in OS interfaces at the moment.

Mac OSX has not only a start menu equivalent, but also a very nice “dock” or “launcher” that floats at the bottom of the screen, is animated and actually populates dynamically based on your most recently used applications.

Mac OSX Leopard Dock

The first time I saw it, as a windows user, I was a bit envious. Can the Zonbu offer something similar…

There is an interesting project out of Brazil that has some similarities with the Zonbu OS stack. The DreamLinux project uses the XFCE desktop on a Debian/Morphix base (funny how that keeps popping up), to create a system optimized for slower/older hardware, but still packing lots of utility and graphical appeal.

One of the nice things that they include is a dock/launcher that is similar but not quite as fancy as it’s Mac cousin – you can view some DreamLinux screenshots here, that show the dock.

I commented in an earlier post about how I think the visual side of the Zonbu interface might benefit from some skins or other basic options a user can adjust to “customize” his Zonbu.

The addition of a doc as an alternate to the start menu, or to supplement the start menu might be an appealing option. This would make things a bit more familiar to Mac users, and also give a modern sheen to the desktop (which compliments the nice transparency function already included in the stock Zonbu setup).

There is an excellent and active Gnome Dock project that may be easily adapted to the Zonbu. I’m not a developer, I really can’t say. But I wanted to point it out so people could offer their comments on it and their interest in it. Check it out and speak up, tell us what you think.

Gnome Dock example

Would a dock add to the Zonbu interface experience?

-Mr. Zonbu


4 Responses to A dock or launcher for the Zonbu?

  1. Hi.
    Ok, so the dock in linux is pretty much a … funny story. there are incredible amounts of docks, but no “standard” one. Either they require a composite manager, or they require some obscure Desktoip Environment, or something evven weider.
    After reading through (nearly) all of your posts, i have one open question: is there a composite manager? If yes, then i think Avant window navigator is the best chice.
    But even if they implement it, where would you put it? Since they use KDE, the standard bar is at the bottom.. move it would confuse some users. I personally used to have it on the left, but i switched to gnome/xfce some time ago on my ubuntu box.

  2. mrzonbu says:

    When I first looked at the screenshots I thought it was KDE too, but it appears to be XFCE with a KDE-ish theme.

    I’m not sure about the composite manager status, you’re starting to wander way outside my knowledge zone, although I was pretty sure the window transparency function required a composite extension?

    As far as where it might go, I think it could be an option a use could enable to replace the status bar/start bar, or you could opt to move the bar to the top, Mac/Ubuntu style and have the dock across the bottom (fort those with screen real estate liek 1280×1024).

    What do you think?

    -Mr. Zonbu

  3. cool, if it’s a xfce then i’m really impressed of how good looking they made it.

    And yes, the transparencies could mean that composite is active. The option on where to place teh dock should already be present, i think either by right clicking on the bar, or in teh system preferences. Or just by simplyy dragging the bar around.

  4. Shagbag says:

    I realise this is an old thread, but I would like to suggest Kiba-Dock over AWN as the latter doesn’t have drag-n-drop functionality for adding app launchers to the dock, IIRC. Kiba-Dock does. Horses for courses but both projects are still in development.

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