Actually, no, my desktop is not back…

Well that didn’t take long.

I thought my Desktop was back. I had the proper wall paper and the documents, network neighbourhood and trash icons.

How about a start menu? Nope. no start menu. Nothing along the bottom of the screen.

I hit the “pearl” windows key, like you would in Vista to bring up the menu. No dice.

I used ALT-F1 to switch to the console log to see if I could find any useful feedback. How does this grab you?

“xfce-4-popup-menu:7328 WARNING Can’t find the xfce-4panel menu to popup.”

So let me get this straight. I did two identical “Factory Resets” in a row and had two different results. The first one didn’t even get me this far. And now I can’t get the menu to pop up because it doesn’t appear to be installed?

I swear I’m not doing anything unusual here that a regular end user may not do. I’m not uttering magic incantations. I didn’t bust out the voodoo dolls and the chickenblood.

I’m just trying to get back to factory defaults.

I’m going to eat some sushi and seaweed salad and watch it restore to factory defaults a third time and see where we are.

These were not the posts I wanted to write today…

-M. Z

PS – I am using a different 19″ LCD at work, as well as a USB wireless keyboard and mouse, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. All three appear to be functioning normally and were working with the unit before the reset.


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