My desktop is back…

When I had my software company, I used to measure our people, our products and our services against four things.

Quality, Consistency, Innovation and Trust.

Or, more often I was heard to say Quality, Consistency, Consistency, Consistency, Innovation and Trust.

When you’re consistent, people know they can depend on you. That builds trust. If you consistently deliver quality, if you innovate in what you deliver, and you have the customers trust – it is very hard for anyone to take that business away from you.

So far I’ve had a fairly inconsistent experience with my Zonbu box.

My desktop is operational again. I decided to run a “Factory Defaults” cycle again when I went to lunch.

Since I knew we would have cached the image the first time I downloaded it (700MB+), it only took a few minutes to do, and I now have the familiar “house with a grass roof” wallpaper back in front of me, as well as some icons and the aforementioned Open Office cache error.

Let’s see how I get on now.

So far this is not something I could leave for my Mom to handle, but we’ll see how I feel by Monday.

-Mr. Zonbu


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