Once more with emphasis…

No EntryOk, trying another tactic.

First I did a “Hard Reset” which erases your local cache.

Now I’m doing a “Reset Factory Defaults” which reloads the OS.

Hopefully try #3 is the charm.

Let’s see what happens…

No dice.

Back to the, aptly coloured, blue screen of nothing.

-Mr. Zonbu

PS – I’m sitting here staring at my CF to PC card adapter, and remembering I also have a USB CF reader in my camera bag, and I’m wondering if I should be seeing how quickly I can get Ubuntu installed while I wait for more info on what is wrong with my beloved Zonbu?


6 Responses to Once more with emphasis…

  1. Gregg says:

    I was just thinking about the CF card that Zonbu puts the OS on. In just the last week or two I’ve noticed the price of 4GB CF cards rise considerably maybe $10 or more on average. I think it would make a lot more sense and be much more economical over the long run if Zonbu switches to including a USB stick to boot off instead. CF cards are not used as much and are going to become a much rarer and probably costly part in short order. USB sticks are ubiquitous and much less prone to price increases and scarcity.

    Compare the cost difference of 4GB CF cards…


    to 4GB USB sticks


  2. mrzonbu says:

    If I’m not mistaken, I don’t think USB Flash can approach the speed of CF flash.

    I could be wrong, but I think the high performance CF stuff is considerably faster.

    -Mr. Zonbu

  3. Dave says:

    CF rarer? Most SLR camera’s I know of in the semi-pro and pro line use CF cards. I think your info is a bit off there :).

  4. Gregg says:

    Dave I’m pretty sure that most digi-cams in the giant consumer level market have or are moving to SD cards over CF cards. I’m still of the belief that CF cards as a format is becoming rarer and will continue to decline. Even SD cards would be a better future -proof choice than CF cards. But I still think USB sticks make the most sense. Portability would be another benefit og having the Zonbu OS on a USB stick. You would be able to take your Zonbu desktop with you in your pocket and plug it into another PC. Every PC has USB porst but not CF readers.

  5. Dave says:

    While the idea of ‘Zonbu on an USB stick’ sounds very interesting, I think it goes way beyond the plans Zonbu has. Zonbu offers the hardware, OS *and* online backup (if you want), and I think your idea is more for a Linux project, together with some open source software that links to Amazon’s S3 servers (like Zonbu has).

    About the CF cards, maybe you’re right, but in the long term. I recently bought a Canon EOS 400D, which still uses CF cards. Though comparing it to HD camcorders from Japan, all use either hard drives or SDHC cards, so it is in fact slowly moving towards SD.

    That said, I highly doubt CF cards will be ‘gone’ within 2 or 3 years. And that’s probably the length Zonbu will survive, before an updgrade or two are passed on. That is, assuming they survive this all..

  6. mrzonbu says:

    I have a Canon Digital SLR as well and it uses CF and so does most of the pro-gear.

    As well, most industrial products, like the cable modem termination systems we use to drive the cable modems in peoples houses, use CF.

    I don’t think CF is going anywhere.

    -Mr. Zonbu

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