Re-install finished – now 5.789

Interesting, my re-install just completed and my unit is now reporting version 5.789.

Why I needed to reinstall to get this I have no idea.

I’m starting to think I did not get a regular, off the shelf, unit.

I’ll go back through my notes and start at the top again and see how things progress. Expect lots of updates today and over the weekend.

I’m taking a long weekend so, in a diet Pepsi fueled burst of Zonbu blogging, you’ll get to hear all about my trials and tribulations.

-Mr. Zonbu

UPDATE – I spoke too soon…

After I entered my login credentials, I got the little intro animation, and then was greeted with a dark blue background with the XFCE logo centered in black. No icons, nothing.

No indication of what was going on could be found, although the disk activity light would flash every now and again. After a file I got an error about a corrupted Open Office config file, and a request to erase it. I approved the request and waited a few more minutes, again with zero feedback.

Nothing happened.

I powered the unit off and rebooted it.

I noticed on reboot that it “remembered” my e-mail address, that’s a new feature.

Again I got the Zonbu startup animation and then the dark blue XFCE mouse wallpaper, no icons, no status updates, nothing.

I just waited 2 hours for the “restore to defaults” function to complete and now I appear to have a non-functioning box.

Where is the telephone number for Zonbu support?

-Mr. Zonbu

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