Reset to factory defaults

I decided this morning to reset my unit to “Factory Defaults” from the boot menu.

A fairly drastic step, but I find it strange that I have an 8GB CF card, that I don’t appear to be receiving updates, and that I keep running in to unusual bugs.

I’m wondering if someone accidentally left a developer CF card in the box that I got shipped?

Regardless, I’ll start from this fresh install and see if I update as the other commenters have seen.

I do have to express some considerable frustration as this is the kind of Linux desktop crap that the Zonbu is supposed to avoid. I’m a bit cranky this morning, I hope things improve from here.

I like the concept and there is a lot to like about the device but I’m conscious that things haven not gone as expected so far.

-Mr. Zonbu

5 Responses to Reset to factory defaults

  1. Gregg says:

    I think you should contact Zonbu and ask them to send you the same plain Jane 4GB card that everyone else gets, so that you can properly review the unit. I’m sure they’ll be happy to oblige, and then you’ll have a completely free 8GB Sandisk ExtremeIII to play around with for other things. 🙂

  2. mrzonbu says:

    We corresponded before I was sent my unit and I explicitly asked that I not be treated any differently from any other customer who signed up and paid through the web.

    -Mr. Zonbu

  3. Sith says:

    I buy a zonbu recently and is quiet cool
    is not a powerfull pc, it is just enough to surf the web, check emails and this kind of stuff

    I install bplay using the powerfull emerge command and i have to mess around a lot with the system because it have a lot of broken links very important to do some compiling. After an hour i install bplay but it dont work very well, recorded sound are crapy

    But as i like to mess around with stuff, i decide to install another linux distro (i have some others CF!!). I tried 2 distro: Xubuntu and DSL (Dam Small Linux). Both went cool but i get a problem with the sound card on both distros…I DONT HAVE SOUND

    This is a bit of my experience with the Zonbu

  4. Lynn says:

    After having the Zonbu for a few weeks, I have had a few problems with it which required hiring a professional computer guy in to configure it for me. This is my first computer, as I am a webtv user. The Zonbu worked for a few days after finally getting connected, and then it went down again. Zonbu support has been very nice, but trying to fix the problems over email doesn’t work, and I had to get their support phone number, as it is nowhere in the box it comes in, and it’s not been on the website either. They told me to wait as they are sending me an updated softward flashcard, and then if it doesn’t work, to call my computer person back again. My $99 Zonbu is not such a deal any more, but I am still hoping to get it back up and running, as I now have all the other essentials for a desktop, and really don’t want to start over with something else. I am trying to be philosophical about it all, in that with a brand-new product there are bound to be problems, and I decided not to wait for all the bugs to get out, I was so excited over the concept. So, I take some responsibility for the additional costs. Plus, I am computer-ignorant, and that probably doesn’t help. Just an opinion from a user.

  5. Dave says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Lynn.. Please keep us posted, I am very interested how an end-user such as yourself (basically you are THE market Zonbu is aiming for) comes along with the Zonbu.

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