YouTube fine this morning?

Ok, I’m confused.

I for up this morning, fired up my Zonbu, (reveling in how quiet it is) and hit YoTube again.

I double checked that my cache was set to 100MB, then I started clicking on random videos.

Everyone of them played properly.

I’m confused.  I tried a reboot last night and had all kinds of problems, now its fine.

I’ll double check in a while to make sure an update wasn’t done since last night, but something odd is definitely going on here and this exactly the kind of strangeness you buy a Zonbu to get away from.

-Mr. Zonbu


5 Responses to YouTube fine this morning?

  1. Dave says:

    It’s…. Zonbu magic~!

  2. Gregg says:

    It sounds to me like Zonbu did an update. Does it clearly tell you that Zonbu is updating and what packages it’s updating during the boot process? Is there a log that you can go check to see previous updates?

  3. davidconnell says:

    I think this idea has a lot of promise, but I’m fairly skeptical that a subscription plan for a PC will catch on. I also have some questions regarding the hardware:

    1. Can you upgrade RAM? In my experience 512 MB is not enough to run multiple apps at the same time–esp. photo editing, music, etc.
    2. Are there any restrictions on adding software to the box?
    3. Can you upgrade local storage? Again apps….
    4. What’s to stop you from attaching an external drive to this thing and just going with the lowest pricing plan?
    5. It seems like you’ve had some significant issues out of the box. Are you a satisfied customer? (Obviously, new technology=kinks).

  4. Gary says:

    Check your build number on the “About Zonbu” menu selection.

    Mine has changed a couple of times since last Friday.

  5. Dave says:

    David Connell, although I don’t have my Zonbu just yet (*curses* customs *more curses*), I think I can answer most of your questions:

    1) No, RAM is non-upgradable, according to Zonbu
    2) Yes, if you’re goign with one of the plans, you can’t install software manually. You’d have to rely on the Zonbu team for adding them or not.
    3) You can swap out the CF card and toss in a bigger one, though with said restrictions there would be no point in doing so. Of course, getting the ‘community model’ (read: no subscription plan version), you can do as you like with root access.
    4) Nothing, though it won’t back up to the Zonbu servers (or actually, Amazon S3 servers).
    5) I’d put my bet on debug/production unit. I think he somehow got a wrong unit (by mistake, not by reviewer kindness), but I obviously can’t back that thought up. Best thing that we can do to check this is for Mr. Zonbu to ask all readers with Zonbu’s to post their findings (summary).

    Hope that helps. Will keep you posted as soon as customs woke up over here!

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