Zonbu Support: Credit where Credit is due

Zonbu LogoShortly after my last post I heard back from Zonbu support.

They offered a few things to try that didn’t solve the issue, but they continued to work with me through resolution. Good guys, if a bit terse in their communication.

With the target audience being non-Linux savvy folks, it is going to take some good templating and clear sentences and instructions to do the kinds of things that might be required if someone hits major bumps.

Various steps were required, and I won’t bore you with details, but I am back in business. They indicated there appeared to be some kind of data corruption issue. We haven’t explored that in any further detail yet, but I’m back.

As a side benefit, this morning before I packed my Zonbu up to take to the office, I had put a PDF in my Documents folder to test out the S3 storage. I didn’t see any place to turn on a “synch” function or anything, so I forgot all about it….

Then the day went sideways, I reinstalled 3-4 times and went through all the trouble shooting.

Much to my amazement, when I looked in my Documents folder a moment ago, there was the PDF from this morning. Right where it should be.

I have to tell you, all the naysayers are running their mouths before trying it out.

Integrated online storage, especially for documents and photos, has a LOT going for it.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blogging. Now where did I put that Pepsi?

-Mr. Zonbu


2 Responses to Zonbu Support: Credit where Credit is due

  1. Dear Mr. Zonbu,

    I wanted to personally apologize for the slower than ideal response… at least we got it fixed. An avid reader of your blog I enjoy your many insights and recommendations.

    Thank you for helping us make Zonbu better.

    Alain Rossmann

  2. mrzonbu says:


    Thank you for taking the time to post.

    As someone who ran a start-up, I understand that scaling the support side of the business, especially in the early days, is challenging.

    I also realize that my order number is <100 if I recall correctly, so I know it is early days.

    Hopefully, with good feedback from this blog and other users, the software can be rapidly polished to the point where problems like the ones I have don’t crop up, and support is principally a minor issue.

    I think your support forums are a good idea but also need some more attention paid to their configuration. I’ll share some thoughts on that over the weekend.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    -Mr. Zonbu

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