Zonbu is working for the weekend & for us

Zonbu LogoThere have been a few potholes so far on the road to a Zen Zonbu experience, but I don’t mind, this is a fascinating space.

More importantly, I hope you are noticing that the Zonbu team is actively reading and participating in the discussions here. Not only that, but it is late Saturday evening where I am, and early Saturday evening where they are and they are listening to our observations and concerns and sharing information…

Behnid the scenes, the support team are working with me on resolving a repeat of the desktop problem I had yesterday, which I brought on by doing another hard reset. I didn’t really have a choice, since I can’t *fix* anything on the Zonbu by hand and my Rhapsody.com player stopped working mysteriously. You know how I can not live without Rhapsody when I’m working.

I have a lot of respect for Gregoire, Alain, David and the others who are making a real effort to take care of the early customers by participating here and working through issues even though it is the weekend.

That involvement matters, especially in the Linux space where a lot of enthusiasts and hobbyists can only find time to work on their pet projects after work hours. Despite not being the end target audience, these are the people that are driving initial interest in the Zonbu. We are the technology influencers in our circle of friends and family.

As I said in another post, I believe a tech company needs to stay focused on four things – Quality, Consistency, Innovation and Trust. If you give me high quality product, you behave consistently (not perfectly – it is more important to be consistent than perfect) when I need help and when upgrades are needed and you demonstrate innovation then you will earn my trust.

When you earn the trust of a customer, you also earn their patience, which is something we all need from customers during the early days of a new product launch. As I used to joke in VC pitch meetings, “it wouldn’t be a demo if something didn’t go wrong”.

Quality, Consistency (consistency, consistency), Innovation and Trust.

There is a reason I had posters made up and put them all over my start-up.

-Mr. Zonbu

One Response to Zonbu is working for the weekend & for us

  1. Dan Allen says:

    Dear Sirs-As a totally dissatisfied MSN2TV (updated webtv) user I would like to ditch this turkey. Will Zonbu work with dial up and how can I get one? Sincerely yours, D Allen

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