Musings after 8 hours of continuous use

[EDIT: If you’re interested in this post, you probably want to go back and read my initial post after using the desktop in my simulator as well.]

I happened to be in a terminal window recently so I grabbed a quick screen shot when I realized I’d been using the machine for almost 8 hours straight.

Uptime 8 hours

(By the way, PCoR stands for “PC on Rails”, I assume an early name for the project)

So what do I think after 8 hours without any material problems?

I think I love the silence. I get much more satisfaction out of the low power consumption that I ever expected. The machine performance has exceeded my expectations across the board.

Working with a “cleaner” desktop has forced me to focus more on the task at hand and not get as easily distracted by other applications and ideas.

Without question, Rhapsody is the killer app for this box. No need for local storage and 3.4M songs at my fingertips to slice and dice. It’s been running for over 8 hours too.

I need to investigate the performance of the on-line storage, but so far I’ve not really noticed any issues.

The Zonbu team are well on the way to pulling off something magical if they can repeat their success to date, as they tackle all the polish and detail work still to come.

If you’re sitting on the fence, I’d recommend you order a box and try it out.

-Mr. Zonbu


One Response to Musings after 8 hours of continuous use

  1. Dave says:

    Sweet, I didn’t know about the uptime command! Thanks for that :).

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