Putty should be included as an SSH/Telnet client

One of the tools I use every day is the (very) lightweight SSH client, Putty.

I understand that I can spawn a terminal and use SSH at the command prompt of my Zonbu, which I’ve done a number of times over the past few days. However, Putty is nice enough to remember my frequently used hosts, and various other settings that I need to make on a per system basis.

Putty also allows me to capture data from my SSH sessions to files and various other handy things. The binary itself is tiny and I think it has few, if any, dependencies…

While not a tool for everyday “average” users, it would be well worth slipping it on the Internet of Accessories Menu for the more technically inclinded Zonbu users. I have a feeling this particular market, those who use it as a second or third PC around the house, as well as around the office, will find this invaluable.

I won’t make many application requests, as I enjoy the purity of the Zonbu model, but Putty fills a specific need and can be added for at virtually no memory or performance cost.

That’s a good deal no matter how you slice it.

-Mr. Zonbu


3 Responses to Putty should be included as an SSH/Telnet client

  1. Putty is a windows only application. I’m not sure if there is a linux equivalent, if there is it would most likely just be a wrapper for a xterm with ssh running inside it.

  2. mrzonbu says:

    Hi Craig,

    I was surprised, some time ago, to learn that Putty is indeed available for Unix.

    In fact, if you follow the link in my post and then click on Downloads on the Putty site, you can then scroll down and discover this:

    “Unix source code

    These .tar.gz source archives should build the latest release version, and latest development snapshot, of PuTTY for Unix.

    To build the source, you will need to unpack one of these archives, change into the “unix” subdirectory, and type “make -f Makefile.gtk”. (Sorry, no autoconf as yet either.) See the file “README” for more information.

    (The filename of the development snapshot source archive contains the snapshot date, so it will change every night. It is not offered by FTP, because FTP does not support the redirect mechanism that implements this.)
    Release source code for Unix
    Source: putty-0.60.tar.gz (or by FTP) (RSA sig) (DSA sig)
    Development snapshot source code for Unix
    Source: putty-.tar.gz (RSA sig) (DSA sig)”

    -Mr. Zonbu

  3. […] are even some welcome additions like the VNCViewer (although I note that my request to include the micro-app Putty hasn’t been […]

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