The “white desktop” bug, courtesy of media player?

The White Album (Beatles) CoverTonight I’m seeing how the Zonbu does with USB removeabe media.

I tried a USB memory key and now I have an old portable USB hard drive connected.

In the process I discoverd lots of old photos, documents, music and videos.

Smatterings from my past, family events, songs that mean something in the minds eye. That kind of stuff…

The White Album, part deux

As I clicked through, playing songs, looking at photos and watching video clips – I managed, twice, to cause my desktop wallpaper to disappear or be covered by a white background.

If I logout and log back in, I get my backround back. Otherwise, bye bye desktop and icons.

I’ve run in to this before on this box, so its definitely a bug and something that needs to be addressed.

It appears to be brought on by playing videos in the media player as it appeared to happen upon exiting a video or closing the media player.

No “Documents” menu option

After I wrote the first draft of this, I was enjoying more photos from my backpacking odessey when the desktop crashed to white agan, excommunicating me from my “Documents” icon.

I figured there must be another way to access my files, perhaps via a menu or quick-launch button?


How about a secondary path to the “Documents” directory, guys?

Photo viewer unstable?

I also managed to crash the photo viewer, by flipping rapidly through photos in a directory on my USB drive.

The photos were all taken with my digital SLR at high resolution so they ran 1MB+ each Even so, load time was a bit on the slow side, and crashing is definitely not cool.

I just tried to recreate the problem and I couldn’t cause a crash. The response time is still relatively slow, considering it is local storage at USB2 400Mb/s speed.

I neglected to take a screen capture of the error message but you can use your imagination.

-Mr. Zonbu


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