Zonbu video output quality – VGA only, DVI needed

August 7, 2007

LCD MonitorI’ve been using my Zonbu aggressively, as my principal home desktop, for the last five days.

At this point, I’ve logged 40-50 hours using it with my NEC flat panel 18″ monitor.

By contrast, I may have used my XP machine for 3-4 hours over the same period.

One thing that I am disappointed with is that the Zonbu unit only has a VGA output.

The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is not supported and is badly needed…

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Look in to the light… Zonbu burns blue

August 7, 2007

Blue LEDSomething that may not be obvious in the various photos of the Zonbu is the searing blue LED power light on the front.

I just got back from dinner with friends and when I walked in the house, the only source of light was my mighty Zonbu.

That little pin-hole light was bathing my living room in an errie blue glow.

To say it is bright is an understatement. Believe it or not, my Mother has a strong opinion on this…

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Time in a bottle; Zonbu online storage observations

August 7, 2007

AWS LogoOver the weekend I copied a bunch of photos, MP3s, documents and video clips to my Zonbu from a portable USB hard drive.

I did this principally to see how the Zonbu would handle my USB devices (USB HD – Yes, USB Key – Yes, USB CF reader – Not so much), as well as to put various kinds of content in to my S3 folder to test load speeds/response times etc.

I noticed last night, before I shut down, that only a small percentage, maybe 20% of the files that I had put on my Zonbu had replicated up to my S3 account (when looking via the web login to my space at http://www.zonbu.com)…

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The Zonbu as a “portable” PC?

August 7, 2007

[EDIT: I just noticed that the Zonbu packaging box is almost the exact dimensions of the bag I mention this piece.]Messenger Bag

A long time ago, back when 100MB and then 250MB of removable storage was a lot, I had various Zip drives.

The Zip drives are long gone, but one of the external ones did come with a very nice portable carrying bag. (That’s not it, but I know how much you all love the heading artwork.)

The bag is about the dimensions of a magazine and a bit thicker than the Zonbu. On the inside, it has an adjustable/moveable velcro divider so you can snug up against whatever device you put inside, and use the remaining space for power supplies, the stand and any little accessories you have like a USB memory key.

It turns out that the bag is perfect for the Zonbu, and something that I think should be offered in the online store…

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Of mice and men; Zonbu atop my Desktop

August 7, 2007

zonbuondesktoppc.jpgI successfully had my Zonbu on for 14 hours today.

According to my Kill-a-watt as I was shutting down, 14 wall clock hours generated .16 KWH of electricity use.

However, the USB media card reader problem I mentioned in another post has forced me in to Windows.

That’s ok, it means you get a little bit of eye candy.

And what Internet user doesn’t like eye candy?

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