They are listening – Beta now front and center

Logo BetaSo, I’m watching the Mossberg video I mentioned in my last post.

And I noticed something.

Check out the Zonbu logo to the right.

I guess Gregoire (Zonbu CEO) and I may agree on what beta is afterall… (You can, and should, read his comment, found on this post, about the the whole “beta” concept.)…

They added the word beta to their logo on the site. That should make it pretty clear.

Good, that was ruffling my feathers.

Now that the word beta is out in front, I think it more accurately reflects the true status of the product at this juncture.

Hopefully, by the holiday season its ready for you to take home to Mom.

-Mr. Zonbu


3 Responses to They are listening – Beta now front and center

  1. Dave says:

    Still, after the fact for a whole lot of fast buyers.. I wonder what else they’ll change/add for us early adapters.

  2. They are listening but are they learning? Clearly teh Mossberg article shows that they did not do enough testing before sending it to him for review. As with many early stage companies, time is not a luxury and so they may have had to have this release to keep on track.

    The Zonbu reminds me some of the “network” computers that were built in teh mid to late 1990s. DEC had a box that they called “the Shark” but it was killed.

  3. Dave says:

    Not sure if it’s in every build of Gentoo, but I think I’ve seen traces of wine on the Zonbu. Maybe preparations for future updates?

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