USB KVM comes in handy with the Zonbu

IOGear USB KVM switchI use a USB keyboard and mouse on my home system.

I recently picked up an IOGear 4 port USB keyboard, mouse, video, sound switch – and I love it.

Basically, it allows me to share one VGA monitor and my keyboard/mouse/sound amongst four machines. So I have my XP box and my Zonbu on it, and two spare ports…

I can even leave the audio feed from one PC and switch amongst the other three (so you can keep your flowing).

A lot of you may have to fix friends PCs, or work on your home server, or PVR.  Because of this, you are swapping cables and jumping between machines trying to solve problems.

You can’t beat the value of this KVM to save you time and clean up your desk.

PS – I’m not affiliated with IOGear or, I just think the product is good value.

-Mr. Zonbu


One Response to USB KVM comes in handy with the Zonbu

  1. Gary says:

    Been using this kb/tracball combo for a month now with XP. Can zonbu support it? Don’t think I could give it up. 🙂

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