Storage problem resolved – It wasn’t Zonbu/S3

August 10, 2007

I can finally confirm that the storage issues are resolved and it turned out not to be the Zonbu/S3 service, but rather some transparent network proxying on my end.

I want to say thanks to the Zonbu support team that worked with me on this.

In the process we discovered a few improvements that can be made, and also, I think opened a few eyes as to the various transparent things broadband operators do to optimize their networks.

-Mr. Zonbu


New developer install instructions

August 10, 2007

DrillIt looks like Zonbu has posted new developer version install docs:

# Aymeric Augustin for Zonbu Says: August 10th, 2007 at 7:00 pm edit The updated installation instructions are on our developer page:

-Mr. Zonbu

S3 Update III

August 10, 2007

S3 LogoI have been conversing with support today.

It looks like my problem may be related to a race condition, where I downloaded the file in question on to my Zonbu before I fixed the caching problem, thereby causing a timeout on upload.

Apparently, and to my surprise, it does eventually give up, silently. I indicated it would be good to let the user know if uploads fail, and prompt to retry.

I’ll confirm the situation when I get home tonight and post here accordingly.

I am told that renaming the file should kick off a retry on the upload.

This seems like an area that needs a bit more vetting to survive the average end user and broadband imperfections.

-Mr. Zonbu

Nokia exec speaks about Linux in embedded systems

August 10, 2007

Ari JaaksiWhile the Zonbu isn’t technically an embedded system, the fact that the software stack is meant to be “locked down” puts it in the same camp.

Ari Jaaksi, who is intimately involved the the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (which is Debian Linux based) recently spoke at LinuxWorld in San Francisco. is carrying a good summary of his talk.

Jaaksi makes some interesting points, many of them relevant to the Zonbu’s development cycle.  For example:

Another challenge is to interest community developers in the final fit, finish, testing, and integration phase of software development. “Once the basic application service is working, a developer is happy with it. It’s only about 50 percent done, though. You still have to do internationalization, make sure it doesn’t use too much power, and other things.”

-Mr. Zonbu