The future of Flash memory

CNet LogoCNet has compiled a series of articles on the Flash Memory business, highly relevant to the Zonbu and it’s CF based business model.

Take a peek.

-Mr. Zonbu


3 Responses to The future of Flash memory

  1. Jose Angel says:


    Actually, I have some question, could you plug an external storage into Zonbu?, like a USB external disk. I have an external 200 GB USB hard drive in which I have installed some OS, may I run these OS with Zonbu?
    It’s possible to connect the Zonbu to a NFS (Network File System)?
    It’s possible to run the Zonbu loading the OS from the Network?

    Thanks in advance and congratualition, you are doing a great work.

  2. Dave says:

    Yes, you can attach an USB hard drive, and yes, you can install and run an OS from it. If the OS you already have installed on your hard drive will work, I can’t say. I have no idea what OS it is, and how it’s installed ;).

    I haven’t tried connecting to a network drive from the Zonbu, but there’s a ‘Neighbourhood’ folder on your Zonbu desktop, which is basically ‘My network places’ or whatever it’s called from Winblows (pardon me, old habit…).

    I’m not sure if Zonbu supports loading an OS via Network, perhaps Mr. Zonbu can give you more information on that question.

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