90% Zonbu, 10% Windows XP

XP LogoI realized I forgot to say something fairly important in my recent review of the Zonbu, chronicling my first two weeks with the device.

I really have been able to use the Zonbu to do 90% or more of my regular PC tasks. I’ve barely turned on my XP box in two weeks…

Now, I don’t print at home and I try and leave work at work. Well, I leave it at work except for the myriad of web based monitoring tools I keep open so my eagle eye [my left, if you were curious] can ensure the network is functioning properly.

Of the few times that I have gone back to XP, some were for gaming and others were for web access while I was trying out other Linux OS installs on the Zonbu. Can’t surf and install at the same time.

I’m a long way from declaring victory for the Zonbu, but I thought you might like to know just how little the XP box was powered up.

-Mr. Zonbu


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