LinuxMCE videos show impressive UI experience

LinuxMCE ScreenshotThis isn’t a Zonbu specific post, but I just read an interesting article over at and followed the link through to some videos of the LinuxMCE project.

What struck me was how innovative and interesting the UI is. I’m a long time MythTV user, and while I find some of the ideas a bit gimmicky, some make a lot of sense. I’ve got one of those “invasive” full screen UIs on my box. I actually like the Myth UI but seeing a different “take” on design is always interesting.

Perhaps the Zonbu could crib a few ideas from the media center interface, to make interactive with it even easier.

-Mr. Zonbu


One Response to LinuxMCE videos show impressive UI experience

  1. BurnVictim says:

    LinuxMCE may look good, but it is a horrible Frankensteined mess. The Dev really needs to put some work into developing a cohesive theme, and some simple fixes like font scaling. I advise staying away until a much later version is released.

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