Zonbu /proc/cpuinfo and other geeky stuff…

August 17, 2007

Via C7 ProcessorI’ve had some requests for the contents of /proc/cpuinfo as well as kernel info and a few other things.

You can find the results after the jump…

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Zonbu – the Via C7 Distro

August 17, 2007

Via LogoThe Zonbu needs to carve out a niche in the open source community.

While there are already a number of distributions focused on older/lower powered hardware, there is no distribution that has claimed the “Via C7 optimized” space.

The Zonbu, and many mini-itx form factor PCs, run an Intel-compatible processor from Via Technologies. This processor and the related chipset (providing sound, video, USB, networking etc), are not that well supported in the mainstream kernels and currently benefit from a number of patches and tweaks.

Patching the kernel is not something most people want to spend time on or have the technical chops to do.

I think Zonbu has a unique opportunity to position it’s OS stack as the optimal choice for anyone running on any flavor of the C7 hardware…

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