CD/DVD Burner not appearing in Xfburn

I have had my machine on for a day or so and I decided to download the latest Damn Small Linux RC ISO and try it out on the Zonbu hardware.Xfburn doesn’t see the drive…

I connected the Zonbu external USB CD/DVD drive, and the blank CD icon appeared on the desktop.

I launched the CD/DVD burning application, selected the ISO source file and went to burn it when I noticed there was no “device” appearing in the target drop-down…

I went in to the preferences and the drive is listed as /dev/sr0. I re-scanned for devices and nothing changed.Xfburn preferences

I’m going to reboot and try again, but this seems like a bug.

I rebooted, and the bug is still present.

Just for giggles I hit the burn button anyway, and lo and hold, it happily burned the image. So it looks like a visual bug only.

The bug hunting continues…

-Mr. Zonbu


2 Responses to CD/DVD Burner not appearing in Xfburn

  1. speedmaster says:

    Very interesting, I’m curious to see how this develops.

  2. I confirm this bug. It’s “just” a dropdown problem. If you hit the burn button, it will work properly. xfburn is a cool application, in the true spirit of Xfce, meaning cholesterol free. Unfortunately, his developer is very busy with some other open-source projects and xfburn has not got all the attention it deserves. We are evaluating a few options here from fixing it or replacing with another application. Please do remember that we are still in beta and we are working hard to bring a fully stabilized product for the general availability. Last, you can participate and help us by reporting bugs on our bugzilla interface at

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