Zonbu OS 5.797 pulled, waiting on 5.804 update

User Bob shared the following comment and I wanted to highlight it on the main page:

Sadly, I just received an email saying that the 5.797 has been removed from the automatic update because of bugs … but that 5.804 is on it’s way and should be less buggy.

I don’t have any other information as this juncture, and I’m still separated from my unit, but I’ll share any more information as it emerges.

-Mr. Zonbu


One Response to Zonbu OS 5.797 pulled, waiting on 5.804 update

  1. Bob says:

    They’ve launched 5.803, and I’m waiting on getting home to work out if it’s automatically updated on my box or not!

    Version 5.803 – released 2007-08-27
    New feature

    * Adding telnet and rdpclient (experimental)


    * Optimisation of the Zonbu file system for folders containig more than 1000 files.
    * Improve handling of files whose name contain non-alphanumerical characters
    * Printing of a Windows shared printer in now possible.
    * Many fixes in the Kiosk edition.
    * Kiosk edition keeps desktop settings and background.
    * Addition of shortcuts to launch the Zonbu tools (zonbu_free_edition, zonbu_kiosk_edition, zonbu_rescue, zonbu_repair, zonbu_updater)
    * Fix bugs in the automatic update system.
    * Improve again the video driver.

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