Zonbu OS Release 5.803 announced

Zonbu Beta LogoReader Bob has tipped us off to the latest release being pushed out by Zonbu.

According to the Zonbu website, it has the following changes:


Version 5.803 – released 2007-08-27

New feature

  • Adding telnet and rdpclient (experimental)


  • Optimisation of the Zonbu file system for folders containig more than 1000 files.
  • Improve handling of files whose name contain non-alphanumerical characters
  • Printing of a Windows shared printer in now possible.
  • Many fixes in the Kiosk edition.
  • Kiosk edition keeps desktop settings and background.
  • Addition of shortcuts to launch the Zonbu tools (zonbu_free_edition, zonbu_kiosk_edition, zonbu_rescue, zonbu_repair, zonbu_updater)
  • Fix bugs in the automatic update system.
  • Improve again the video driver.

Known bugs

  • gnome-cups-manager gets stuck at “Scanning Hosts…” if no windows shares are available.
  • In the burning confirmation dialog of xfburn, the burner does not appear, though burning works.
  • Audio CD burning from Banshee is unreliable.
  • Recording level monitor does not work properly.
  • Klotski game does not start.

I’m pleased to see the video driver has further improved and I look forward to testing the other new improvements.

Could the telnet client be Putty, as I requested?

-Mr. Zonbu


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