Mr. Zonbu returns to his lair

Just quick note to say that I’ve returned to my lair and within about 20 minutes of booting my Zonbu it quietly updated itself.  I was busy surfing the web when a dialog popped up and said “All updates complete.”.

I didn’t need to do a thing (except reboot – although it wasn’t clear if that was even necessary).

I am now on 5.803 and will be running through my checklists to see what has been resolved and what may still be outstanding.  Look for more coverage over the weekend.

-Mr. Zonbu


7 Responses to Mr. Zonbu returns to his lair

  1. Dave says:

    Craps… and my Zonbu died a couple of days ago. I’ve been working on it for 3 or 4 days now, trying all kinds of things, but it just won’t boot up anymore.. Bummer 😦

  2. jry says:

    hmh, dave’s dead zonbu is a little bit disturbing. that’s at least two dead zonbu’s (see link below) in the first few weeks/months of them being sold. i would say that is way more than normal for brand new hardware. bad quality? i hope not.
    otther dead one:

  3. Dave says:

    Well 2 bad ones isn’t all that big, though I kinda wished it wasn’t *me* who got a unit that would crap out on me.. I’ve sent an email to Zonbu, but it was friday night US time, so I’m guessing I’ll get a reply on monday or so. I’ll blog about my findings ;).

  4. To reply to Dave, we will give you some instructions to repair your Zonbu. We still think that it’s a software problem, and if it’s not the case, we will exchange your hardware.

  5. To further comment on the updater process, and as I mentioned on the top of the support page (, we had some problems on the mechanism but it should work efficiently from now on. Unfortunately, the message once the update has occurred is not very clear: you need to reboot your Zonbu so as to get the new version. The updater notification will be better in future updates.

  6. Dave says:

    Gregoire: Thank you. I just now received an email from a Zonbu insider with some tips, but they did not seem to work. I wonder if it’s possible for Zonbu to give out a (compressed) image file, which we can put on the CF card using the dd command or the like? It’s not exactly a live CD, but it comes pretty close I’d say.

    But, thinking about I get the same kind of error with three different OS’s, I seriously wonder what the problem could be. Let’s hope we can find it out!

  7. Lynn says:

    I’m another new Zonbu user who is having problems, but it is unclear why, and the Zonbu team is working with me via email and by phone to make suggestions as to how to make the unit connect to the web. It’s been about a week or more, and we’re not making much progress. I’m patient, though, and really want this unit to work, as I’m a webtv artifact and love the Zonbu. At least the idea of the Zonbu, as that’s all I have so far. I’m on high-speed DSL through Verizon with a 6100 modem. I’m open to suggestions or comments.

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