Zonbu as “Download Aggregator” & Exempt file or folder from S3 upload?

September 3, 2007

Sniper ViewThis idea has been on my list to write about for a while now.

Occasionally, deep in my evil broadband genius lair, I engage in a bit of late night FPS WWII shooter action.

That is to say, I like to fire up my desktop PC with its expensive graphics card and run around in a 3D world shooting at virtual enemies and generally blowing off steam. A decidedly non-Zonbu pursuit

Tonight I noticed that Medal of Honor: Airborne is almost out and that they have posted a small demo.

Small if you happen to have a fibre optic connection to your house. Otherwise, like me, you may find the 1300 MB file size a bit daunting.

But I’m downloading it anyway. To my Zonbu…

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FireFTP Firefox plugin makes FTP a snap

September 3, 2007

FireFTP LogoI was cruising through the support forums over at the Zonbu website when I noticed a post about a handy plug-in for Firefox that provides excellent FTP (file transfer protocol) support from within the browser.

If you have occasion to upload or download a lot of files via FTP (for example, to your own website), this may be just the ticket for FTP on your Zonbu (or any other PC for that matter).

It’s called FireFTP and you can find it here:


-Mr. Zonbu