Cool! Zonbu & the Firefox Showcase Plug-in

September 6, 2007

I discovered this by accident.Firefox Showcase screenshot

If you have multiple tabs open in Firefox, hit the F12 key and you will see a “Showcase” view that shows you large thumbnails of all the open windows…

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Microsoft releases Flash competitor, including Linux support

September 6, 2007

Over at DownloadSquad they have a brief note on Microsoft’s release of its new Silverlight project, a competitor to Adobe’s Flash platform (which already enjoys Linux support).

Microsoft has been working with Novell on Linux support, so hopefully we’ll see support for this format in the Zonbu soon too.

-Mr. Zonbu

Zonbu might want to send a unit to the lead developer of PuppyLinux

September 6, 2007

PuppyLinux LogoJust a suggestion, but it may be well worth Zonbu’s time to send a free unit or two (with Australian power adapters, if available) to Barry Kauler, the lead developer of PuppyLinux.

I have a feeling this could be an excellent test platform for his work, and he continues to aggressively put out new releases with great innovation and very tiny resource requirements…

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A bug with the Zonbu network connection wizard/process?

September 6, 2007

I think I tripped over a new bug this morning.

Launch Bar Firefox Icon Problem

I booted my Zonbu, but the network cable wasn’t attached, as I had been trying out the aforementioned game demo on my regular PC last night. (MOH Aiborne is very nice, by the way).

I logged in and the network connection wizard popped up, allowing me to try to get an IP address again (although the wording of this tool is poor, even for someone who is network savvy).

I “enabled the wire” and watched it get an IP address, then hit “Connect” (again, the flow of that process is poor and not intuitive to an end-user)…

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