A bug with the Zonbu network connection wizard/process?

I think I tripped over a new bug this morning.

Launch Bar Firefox Icon Problem

I booted my Zonbu, but the network cable wasn’t attached, as I had been trying out the aforementioned game demo on my regular PC last night. (MOH Aiborne is very nice, by the way).

I logged in and the network connection wizard popped up, allowing me to try to get an IP address again (although the wording of this tool is poor, even for someone who is network savvy).

I “enabled the wire” and watched it get an IP address, then hit “Connect” (again, the flow of that process is poor and not intuitive to an end-user)…

Normally, at this point, X would restart, I would log in again and all would be fine. However, that isn’t what happened. X attempted to restart and I was left with a blank, black screen. No ability for input, no text, nothing. It just sat there. I tried it again, same thing.

I did a third hard reboot, connected the cable, and when it came back up and I logged in successfully. I noticed my launch bar had suffered a problem.

My Firefox icon is now gone, replaced with a “star” placeholder that when you mouse-over it, says, “New Item – This item has not yet been configured”.

I’m starting to get frustrated again. I’ll try and reproduce this on a unit at work, and if it is a reproducible bug.

-Mr. Zonbu


2 Responses to A bug with the Zonbu network connection wizard/process?

  1. m s says:

    There is another network issue that I get consistently that involves network authentication
    I can successfully login to a network share that requires authentication, the dialog box pops up and I can successfully login but after 5-10 minutes it times out and requires re authentication.
    That blows a hole in any efforts to stream audio or play music from a network share that requires login.

    If you set the network resource for anonymous login there is no issue. It works fine.

    Issue has been reported to Zonbu team several times via help ticket but I never get a response.

    Also has been posted to the forums with similar results.

  2. The bug reported in the previous comment (authentication for network access) has been fixed in 6.889 and the ticket has been answered.

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