DIY Solar Powered PC

Tom's Hardware LogoTom’s Hardware is carrying an interesting article on a do-it-yourself solar powered PC.

Given the light energy requirements of the Zonbu, I think the fit with solar power is excellent.

Drawing <15W during typical use, the Zonbu should be able to get truly amazing run times from solar energy.

The article is targeted at Gamers and their high power requirements, but is equally relevant to everyone who wants to save some money and be a bit greener…

Even serious PC power junkies eventually understand that a high-performance PC costs some serious money. Over time, what really costs on such rigs is not the individual components but rather, the power such systems consume from the wall socket. A truly awesome system can suck up in excess of $500 a year in electricity. Ever-increasing energy costs, changes in government outlooks, and a new passion for conservation keep upping the ante and the interest in photovoltaic technologies.

With the Zonbu already providing significant savings, I think the real win is going to be in portability and longevity from a charge.

Your Zonbu could be powered outdoors, at events, in a vehicle or even at a cottage.

You can read the full article here:

-Mr. Zonbu


One Response to DIY Solar Powered PC

  1. wjl says:

    Right. I reported about their efforts a while ago already. These guys do that on the roof of their office in Munich, so the articles in German appear a bit faster. I hope they’ll translate the whole series.

    And yes, the Zonbu would draw even less power than their machine. For solar powered usage in your car, you would have to convert it’s complete roof I’m afraid. But who knows? Maybe one day car manufacturers will “go green” as well?

    kind regards,

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