Hawaiian firm shrinks solar thermal power

SopogyInteresting article on solar thermal power over at this morning:

Perhaps it’s not surprising that balmy Hawaii is home to a company that’s pushing the envelope of solar thermal technology.

Start-up Sopogy, based in Honolulu, has taken the basic design of large solar thermal power plants and shrunk it down so it can fit on a building’s roof…”

There has got to be an OEM or partnership relationship for Zonbu in here somehwere.

You can find the full article here:
-Mr. Zonbu


One Response to Hawaiian firm shrinks solar thermal power

  1. greggish says:

    Intel just launched


    “LessWatts is about creating a community around saving power on Linux, bringing developers, users, and sysadmins together to share software, optimizations, and tips and tricks.”

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