Zonbu: Flash update on the way?

I was reading an article this morning about Rsizr, the online photo editing app It sounded interesting so I popped over to take a look.

I was greeted with the following:

Hi there Linux user.
There are bugs in the release versions of Adobe Flash Player for Linux (x86) that prevent rsizr from loading images properly. Don’t worry! Just head over to the Adobe Flash Player 9 Update page and grab the latest prerelease (it’s stable, we tested). Once installed, everything should be good. Sorry for the hassle, but it should only take a second to upgrade. It’s worth it!

I know Flash has been a source of frustration for many Linux users, and as we can’t directly upgrade our Zonbus on our own, I hope the good people at Zonbu world headquarters are keeping an eye on the Flash release cycle and will push these updates to us soon.

-Mr. Zonbu


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