Zonbu’s Firefox kicks butt against Ubuntu Firefox

Just a quick observation: It’s easy to dismiss how much subtle tweaking and optimization is present in the Zonbu Firefox config. The layout, the icon sizes, the fonts being hand picked to make web pages look as “normal” as possible for someone coming from the Windows world… the colours, the extra plug-ins. Everything.

Go ahead and try and use Ubuntu Firefox for a few days and you’ll find yourself constantly interupted by requests to download and install add-ons, codecs, plug-ins or other piece of software. Over and over again. Ditto for Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows…

Even worse in the case of Ubuntu (and Linux in general) is that often what is being asked doesn’t make any sense to someone expecting a “plain english” description of what is going on. But let’s no quibble about wording, I don’t even want to have to run through prompts to look at web sites.

There is something deeply satisfying about the Zonbu as a Web Access Device that “just works” and has all the stuff I need, installed and ready to go, when I turn it on. The first time and every time.

So far, no matter how many other distros I try on this hardware, I keep coming back. I’m going to seriously consider 7.10 for full desktop PC use, but to be honest, I rarely use my “full desktop” at home any more, the Zonbu gets so much done without the hassle or noise.

-Mr. Zonbu


One Response to Zonbu’s Firefox kicks butt against Ubuntu Firefox

  1. Pelle says:

    I had i similar experience with Ubuntu vs Slax where I found Slax to be much more complete from the start whereas I had to find and tweak and install many many things in Ubuntu. Well – it gives freedom to be able to tweak – but if I don’t need to tweak – then that freedom isn’t perhaps very necessary and perhaps hurts more than it gives…

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