40K Mr. Zonbu page views and some stats…

Just a quick note to let all of you readers know that we hit a milestone mid-last week; the site crossed the 40K page view mark. A substantial achievement for a personal blog about such a specific topic.

Also of note, we are now part of the page one results for a “zonbu” Google search, as well as ranking highly on Technorati and various other sites.  We are the number one site for independent Zonbu info and discussions.

If you want to see what interests our readers, I’ve included a list of the most accessed pages in the last 30 days after the jump…

Page / Views

How much power does your desktop PC use? 707
About Mr. Zonbu 283
Zonbu – the Via C7 Distro 225
My first two weeks with the Zonbu 197
Webcams, IM, Zonbu, Grandma and YouTube 173
Zonbu & Digital TVs – Love at first 126

-Mr. Zonbu


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