Zonbu: More S3 online storage login issues

November 1, 2007

I took a look at the console today to see what exactly the error is when my machine boots and can’t login. The same thing happens when I try and run through the network wizard.

I thought this was cute:

“This case can not happen” is the error.

I’m guessing thats good old “error message” style debug info. And despite what the Zonbu thinks, that case has, in fact happened.

If I don’t disconnect my WiFi I can’t get past the initial login screen. If I do, I can then run the networking wizard and get an IP address, but I still fail login when I am asked to re-auth. I can, however, use the Internet (as you can see).

So what’s up Zonbu? Any idea how I ended up in a “case that can not happen”?

-Mr. Zonbu


DL: Everex ships $199 PC with splashly Linux

November 1, 2007

gOS ScreenshotWow. Now this IS interesting and a very viable competitor to the Zonbu, at least in terms of price and features. Desktoplinux.com is reporting that Everex is shipping a new $199 PC pre-loaded with a customer (Google inspired) version of Ubuntu 7.10 called gOS.

Everex is following Dell, which pioneered the broad release of Linux-powered desktops and laptops to the consumer market in the United States. Since Dell’s first moves, other PC vendors such as Lenovo and HP have explored broader Linux PC releases.

The Everex Green gPC TC2502 includes popular applications from Google, Mozilla, Skype and OpenOffice.org. It runs gOS Initial G, which in turn is based on Ubuntu Linux 7.10 The gOS operating system features a simple and intuitive Linux Enlightenment E17 desktop interface with a Google-centric theme. The system comes with a lifetime of free updates and revisions.

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LD: Review of the Asus 3eee PC – Note the processor

November 1, 2007

LinuxDevices.com has a piece reviewing the new Assu 3eee PC that we’ve talked about before. Interesting to note the specs, in particular the processor. I wonder how it cames to the Zonbu hardware in real performance, and if the Zonbo OS stack will be ported to run of the Asus unit. It could make a nice Zonbu laptop…

From the article:

Standard features include a 900MHz Intel Celeron processor, 512MB RAM, and a 4GB solid-state hard drive, expandable via an SD card slot. I/O interfaces include built-in 802.11b/g WiFi, three USB ports, a VGA port for external displays, and wired Ethernet and modem jacks. There are also headphone and mic jacks.

You can read the full article here: http://linuxdevices.com/news/NS2584729146.html

PS – Is anyone going to be surprised if I point out it runs a Debian derivative?

-Mr. Zonbu