Is this an HTML, Flash, Firefox or Zonbu bug?

Occasionally I run in to sites that incorporate flash and have problems where content appears under flash content.

Check out this site and hover over “Features” on the menu.

On my Zonbu, the menu drops down behind the flash graphic, so I can’t click on things. Is anyone else seeing this? Any idea how to correct it, if at all?

A friend tells me FF on Windows renders properly, with the menu on top of the flash.

-Mr. Zonbu

4 Responses to Is this an HTML, Flash, Firefox or Zonbu bug?

  1. greggish says:

    I have the same problem with Ubuntu 7.04 on many sites. Flash banners block dropdown menus on many sites. Here’s a hosting site I was recently looking at that suffers from the same problem…

    It’s not a Firefox specific problem though. The problem occurs for me in Firefox, Epiphany, and Opera. Konqueror on the hand displays it correctly.

  2. greggish says:

    Oh, I meant to say above I was talking about Ubuntu on my main PC not Zonbu. So this seems to be a Linux + Flash bug, with Konqueror being the only browser to display correctly.

  3. It’s a known Flash bug. And unfortunately, I have to say: “another one”. Just wondering when Flash will seriously take into account the Linux platform?

  4. Just to make clear on my previous comment: it’s known Adobe Flash on Linux bug. It’s working well on Windows indeed.

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