Does anyone like the beeps during boot-up?

November 3, 2007

I’ve been meaning to mention this one for a while.  I hate the beeps (I think there are 3 or 4) that were introduced during the boot sequence around the time of the release of 6.907.

The screen is fairly descriptive/indicative of how the boot is going and you can always press CTRL-F1 (which maybe they should mention on the graphical display) to see the detailed console output.

I find the beeps irritate me and disturb the silent environment the Zonbu helped create in the first place.  Beeps are not very Zen.

What do you think, fellow Zonbu users?

-Mr. Zonbu


Test drive the Everex gOS

November 3, 2007

gOS logoI have to admit I have more than a passing curiosity about the Everex gOS product.

I’ve been saying for months that Zonbu should do a LiveCD so people can see what the Zonbu OS is all about, and how nice it is before they buy. Sadly, no LiveCD yet. You can, however, try a LiveDVD of the gOS product which is also optimized to run on Via C7 based machines.

You can get all the details and the ISO download for gOS over at the Think gOS site:

I’m downloading it now, I’ll post my findings here this weekend. A few things I noticed already and like:

  • Ubuntu (Debian) Based
  • A dock/launcher a la MacOS
  • If you want, you an unlock and install apps on your own

-Mr. Zonbu