The Zonbu Laptop for $480 – free shipping

Acer LaptopHow is that for a headline?

Over at you can get a lovely little Acer laptop, complete with a wide screen display, a DVD burner, 1 Gig of system memory, WiFi and some other goodies, all for $479 + Free Shipping.

This hardware, with the Zonbu OS, would be ideal for my mother or for a LOT of people. I think the Zonbu OS stack is really well done, with only a few rough edges left to polish. I’m not so convinced about the hardware choices…

This laptop offers stronger graphics, more memory and a quicker processor, all things that will definitely make a big difference. Everything you need in one spot, it gives you portability, a built in high quality wide screen monitor and you can’t beat the price.

Of course you can’t just drop the Zonbu OS on it because the video driver won’t be compatible today, but that is something I think Zonbu needs to think about. I’d definitely take this at $80 more than the Asus 3eee PC, with the Zonbu stack, in a heart beat.

I think it is time Zonbu look at broadening it’s hardware support and potentially leaving the dedicated hardware behind, or as just an option.

You can see the deal here:

What do you think?

-Mr. Zonbu


7 Responses to The Zonbu Laptop for $480 – free shipping

  1. Benoit says:

    You should take a look at the eeePC from Asus.

    It shares many points with the Zonbu:
    – it’s small and cute
    – it’s very energy efficient
    – it uses a solid state drive
    – it’s cheap
    – it’s (almost) silent (unlike the Zonbu, it has a fan for the CPU)
    – it comes with Linux

    For me, it will be the perfect companion for my Zonbu.

  2. Robin says:

    Like Benoit I have just ordered an EeePC. I have been so pleased with the experience of owning a Zonbu that I have sought out something similar. Now wouldn’t it be good if I could get Zonbu OS on the EeepPC – that would be a good combo…

  3. Bob says:

    Just wait a couple of weeks and check out the Zonbu forums .. someone will have done it! (They might even post a simple HowTo too…)

  4. Mr. Zonbu –

    Actually, I believe a bundled deal like this will get people excited – $399 ZonBu desk top plus a carry on DVD player that can be used as monitor. DVD player now sells for $100. With zonBu and DVD player, I can travel anywhere and I do not have to miss anything.

    what do you think?

  5. Bob says:

    So now they’re actually selling a laptop

    … and it’s still got a VIA chip – which is great for the power use, isn’t it.

    It has a DVD-RW — but will the OS support it?

  6. kent says:

    that mini-pc stronger graphics, more memory and a quicker processor

  7. mark says:

    Zonbu delivers the power of a traditional notebook PC but uses just a fraction of the energy. That could mean as much as $10 a month in energy savings for you

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