Zonbu gets the details – print to PDF included. Nice.

Acrobat Reader LogoI was trying to book a flight today with some old British Airways points, but to travel entirely on American Airlines. The process proved to be a bit more complex than I would have liked (I’m not sure the British entirely get e-commerce yet… do you really need eight screens to book a flight?). I arrived at the end of the process with the standard screen showing my itinerary. A pretty typical home user transaction on their PC. Only I wasn’t on my PC, as usual, I was on my Zonbu.

I realized at that last screen, that because I was on my Zonbu, I wouldn’t be able to make a PDF of the file. Since it wasn’t my usual AA website where I can look things up afterwards, and because I just spent over 100K airmiles on tickets for myself, Mrs. Zonbu and Babino Zonbu (does that make him a BlackBerry?), I wanted a PDF of the receipt.

I made a mental note to make the suggestion to the Zonbu folks to include a Print-to-PDF function in the future. Then, on a whim, I hit CTRL-P just in case…

Sure enough, and much to my great pleasure, the Print-to-PDF function is already present on the Zonbu! Nice. Very nice. This is the kind of little extra that really shows off how polished the Zonbu OS is becoming. This is real world, nuts and bolts stuff.

After hitting print, the file showed up on my desktop. My only complaint was that I was never prompted for a file name. It just took the title from the web page and sit out a file with that name. Which isn’t ideal, but its better than nothing. Hopefully a future release will allow me to name the file. In the mean time, I was darn glad to have the feature.

When it comes to the “typical home user”, Zonbu gets us. I have to respect that.

-Mr. Zonbu


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