Zonbu releases 7.1049 – Adds Skype video support

Zonbu LogoWow, another month, another feature packed update from Zonbu. I’m starting to really enjoy this experience.

Here are the details:

Version 7.1049 – released 2007-12-04

New features

  • Experimental webcam and video-chat support in Skype
  • Video Converter that can encode any video in an iTunes/iPod/iPhone compatible format
  • Public folder that makes remotely stored files accesssible, with the option to restrict access with a password on a per-folder basis.


  • Upgrade Skype to version 2.0
  • Upgrade Firefox to
  • Improve caching for faster startup of YouTube videos
  • Add print preview in Evolution
  • Re-enable side-panel shortcuts in Thunar
  • Add a notification when a removable device can be safely removed
  • Upgrade Banshee to 0.13.2
  • Minor improvements of iPod support in Banshee
  • Add Last.FM plugin to Banshee
  • Update video driver on the Notebook
  • Add the “click on tap” for the Notebook’s trackpad
  • Simplify the Storage Control Panel
  • Improve the Change Password dialog
  • Update Weather taskbar widget
  • Improve Battery taskbar widget
  • Enable ACPI with a new events handling system
  • New network status notification system
  • Improved network reconnection after unplugging/replugging an Ethernet cable
  • Use Windows line endings by default in Notepad for compatibility with Windows Notepad

Bugs fixed

  • Fix a kernel/remote storage bug that would cause the Zonbu to thrash around for several seconds when reaching the limits of available RAM and swap space
  • Zonbu Start key (Windows/Apple key) did not always open start menu
  • Shut Down option of the Start Menu had no effect sometimes
  • Fix a bug that would prevent the X server from starting when disconnected from the Internet
  • Fix connection to WEP and unencrypted networks
  • Miscellaneous fixes in Wifi configuration interface
  • Correct network services startup during boot, which allows to start services such as sshd
  • Miscellaneous fixes in the Battery taskbar plugin
  • The Printers Control Panel did not always appear when plugging a USB printer
  • Fix a segfault in Thunar
  • Video playback from Banshee failed if the name of the file included spaces
  • It was impossible to retry a missing radio station in Banshee
  • Fix information message about autostarting the Remote Desktop
  • Free Space was reported in empty folders, while it should only be reported by the Storage Control Panel
  • Misceallaneous bugfixes of the Kiosk Edition

Known bugs

  • Power Settings Control Panel is experimental
  • Webcam support is experimental

-Mr. Zonbu


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