Spend $100K, make an environmental statement

Lexus LogoI just read an interesting piece over on Autoblog, one of my daily reads.

The article talks about how Lexus has already sold TRIPLE the number of $100K+ LS600h hybrids that it forecast for 2007. And that was just from July through the end of October. What is going on?

What is going on is Americans are trying to make an environmental statement, but doing it in a quintessentially American way: bigger, better, faster, stronger. Zonbu, take note…

Lexus calls the car the “progressive person’s alternative.” The New York Times called the car the “new standard for automotive hyperbole.” After only a few months of sales, it is far too early to call — but it would be interesting to see if Lexus has done the same thing with the LS that Toyota did with the Prius: no matter what you might think of it, it allows people to make a statement.

Does Zonbu need its own LS600h or Hummer version? A faster (but still green) processor, high end graphics and built in WiFi and gigabit ethernet, wrapped up in a sleek mini-tower case?

Read the full post here: http://www.autoblog.com/2007/12/04/lexus-exceeds-ls600h-sales-target-by-three-hundred-percent/

-Mr. Zonbu


2 Responses to Spend $100K, make an environmental statement

  1. whootowl says:

    I like Zonbu’s current offerings. I’m comfortable with the choice of the VIA chipset. I’m comfortable with the choice of the Gentoo OS and the suite of apps. I’m comfortable with the off-site data storage and the whole software-as-service business model. I’m comfortable with the total cost of ownership. I’m thinking the business development manager(s) at Zonbu are doing a brilliant job of hitting the best ratio of price to performance.

    The Zonbu mini is low-power but relatively high performing for most of what I need to do with a personal computer. My other PC, a 500-watt, complicated, high-maintenance, Microsoft monster machine is available when needed. I’d rather Zonbu focus on continued refinements rather than offering monster machines. The world has enough of those.

  2. Chad W Smith says:

    I’m sorry I just don’t think the $100K Auto is the Zonbu market. That’s more of an Apple thing.

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