Zonbu’s new “Public” folder

Zonbu LogoMaybe I’m just slow, but how do I let others access the files that I put in my new “Public” folder on the desktop?

Is there a web address where they go? A secret incantation they need to utter?

Was I in the restroom when the instruction was given to the rest of the class, or has the documentation not caught up with the product yet?

-Mr. Zonbu


4 Responses to Zonbu’s new “Public” folder

  1. Michael Prescott says:

    You need to set a “Public Zonbu Name”, and then you get a web address to access it from. It’s actually pretty cool, once you get it working.

    Try going here:

  2. Aymeric says:

    A short documentation is here:

    Using the public folder is pretty straightforward, and there’s not much to say 🙂

  3. mrzonbu says:

    Love it.

    Simple to set up, once you know where to look.

    Works just like you would expect, and great for friends to access files.

    Well done.

    -Mr. Zonbu

  4. Tudza says:


    Try downloading one of those files from another machine and opening it. You may find that these conveniently located filed are worthless to your friends.

    From reading the forums, after sending someone a link to an image file that wouldn’t open, I discovered that these files are encrypted. There is a suggestion there for turning this off that I will try when I get home.

    Alternatively, I think it would be great to keep this turned on if Zonbu can suggest a way for the receiving parties to unencrypt the files. Save me from accidentally posting content I didn’t mean to post on line since tudza.my.zonbu.com has no authenication around it to keep people out.

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