2008 to be the YouTube Election?

YouTubeLogoAnother sign flash video is seeping in to the mainstream (for those of you who didn’t like learning that YouPorn is in the top 35 of all Internet sites…):

From TG Daily:

One of the main things seen for the first time in the dawning of the 2008 election is the addition of a special “face the candidates” page on YouTube. Sixteen candidates, eight each on the Republican and Democratic side, each have their own official YouTube pages with anywhere from a couple dozen to hundreds of campaign videos. Users can also filter official videos by issues such as education, immigration, and health care.

More here: http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/35186/118/

-Mr. Zonbu


One Response to 2008 to be the YouTube Election?

  1. Gregg says:

    My feeling on this is that you shouldn’t bother releasing even the most entry level computer/notebook/appliance if flash playback isn’t perfect. Flash viseo is the most engaging activity on the web now. It’s not the future, it’s now. And it was now for a while. It just doesn’t make sense that Zonbu is still trying to get flash right.

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