Zonbu Laptop wireless inconsistent at boot up

December 9, 2007

I’ve had a bit more time to use my Zonbu laptop and I’ve noticed that the WiFi seems to be a bit inconsistent, and in a way that will be a problem for non-technical users.
The last few times when I’ve booted it, it has not activated the WiFi by default.  I boot, open Firefox and get the “unable to locate page” error.

I then have to run the Networking tool from the Control Panel option on the menu and go through the various steps, and then it seems to work fine.  However, after I reboot, I have to do things all over again.  The only saving grace is that it is remembering my encryption key.

At one point I was pretty sure it was saving the wireless settings on reboot.  Now that I say that, I think that was on the original software load and I have since been upgraded, so perhaps it broke.  Has anyone else seen this?

-Mr. Zonbu