Zonbu Laptop wireless inconsistent at boot up

I’ve had a bit more time to use my Zonbu laptop and I’ve noticed that the WiFi seems to be a bit inconsistent, and in a way that will be a problem for non-technical users.
The last few times when I’ve booted it, it has not activated the WiFi by default.  I boot, open Firefox and get the “unable to locate page” error.

I then have to run the Networking tool from the Control Panel option on the menu and go through the various steps, and then it seems to work fine.  However, after I reboot, I have to do things all over again.  The only saving grace is that it is remembering my encryption key.

At one point I was pretty sure it was saving the wireless settings on reboot.  Now that I say that, I think that was on the original software load and I have since been upgraded, so perhaps it broke.  Has anyone else seen this?

-Mr. Zonbu


2 Responses to Zonbu Laptop wireless inconsistent at boot up

  1. Bob says:

    My Zon-top has always had to be connected to the WiFi after a startup (though not a hibernation…).

    I thought it might be a design thing – thinking that you may not always want your mobile device to try to connect to whatever WiFi you happen to be passing close to, wasting moments attempting such, instead of being able to crack on and do your offline WP, presentation or whatever.

    Then I thought “Nah. It’s just a bug.”

  2. Brian Houghtaling says:

    I have a Zonbu desktop and like everything except for the poor wireless reception and the failure for it to sometimes acquire an IP address. I sometimes have to reboot just to get it to locate my wireless network. It is hard to tell what is causing the problem, but I have other computers nearby that have no issues.

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