Beauty & the Geek – The experiment has evolved…

Beauty and the Geek logoFor the next chapter in our story, I’m going to take the Zonbu laptop and pass it along to my beautiful wife.

She currently has a Windows XP system on a 2.5 year old Celeron 1.4 GHz Acer laptop. This Acer was her first personal computer. She’s been a PC user for some time, but always used mine at home and had one at the office so the Zonbu will be the second machine that has been hers to customize.

Her primary applications are Outlook (and attachment opening) and Firefox, plus light word processing and spreadsheets. She has an HP LaserJet printer and an iPod Shufle, as well as a USB optical mouse as accessories.

Some time before the weekend is out I hope to try out the migration wizard that Zonbu says is available to import your Outlook files in to Evolution. I’ve never used Evolution before, and neither has she, so we’ll see how easy that transition is.

-Mr. Zonbu


2 Responses to Beauty & the Geek – The experiment has evolved…

  1. tudza says:

    Evolution can indeed be set up with Google email using IMAP. Didn’t work for me the first time, but the Zonbu boys said it should, so I tried again.

  2. mrzonbu says:

    I may have been unclear. I didn’t mean I set up GMail via IMAP, I meant I used the Google search engine to learn how to pull her messages in from the Outlook proprietary folder, since the Zonbu docs lacked any info on this kind of import.

    -Mr. Zonbu

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