Just the fax, Ma’am

OpenOffice.org logoMrs. Zonbu had some feedback for me this morning – there are almost no templates included with the OpenOffice install on the Zonbu. In particular, she wanted a stock fax cover sheet for something she was doing, and none were to be found.

I had a quick look and there is an official template package available, and I think it should be embellished and included.

You can find the package here:


I’m going to try and install it now… no luck, no idea where to put them so they persist.

On a related note, I had a quick look and it does not appear that the Gimp upgrade included fixing the missing fonts that I blogged about months ago. Very disappointing. I would like all my fonts to be available to be when using the Text function in Gimp. What’s up with that?

-Mr. Zonbu


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