The Beauty doesn’t like the sound controls

Zonbu Volume AppletI sent the beauty a web based flash video clip last night.

It played no problem (smoothly etc.), but without audio (she had it muted).

The beauty wanted to replay the clip with audio and found it a bit confusing to un-mute things and turn the volume up.

She was able to use the Fn key to unmute the volume (as she would have on her Acer laptop) but the lack of on-screen feedback was irritating to her (Acers have a nice lime green OSD that shows mute/unmute and volume level). When she unmuted it, or thought she had (she indeed had) she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t hear anything (the audio level was about 10%).

As I’ve noted in the past, the volume control applet in the task bar is not intuitive, and she proved my point. She had no idea that the itty-bitty bar next to the speaker represented volume, or that you should click on said bar to change the volume. She was looking for a basic slide bar with marker, like you find in windows and in Ubuntu.

This is one of those little usability things that can and should be easily fixed. It also looks better than that big ass speaker icon.

Other than that, the experiment continues relatively smoothly. She has not mentioned missing anything from her XP laptop yet, which is a good sign. And her regular e-mail traffic, flight booking, on-line shopping, facebooking and so forth has gone smoothly.

-Mr. Zonbu


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