Wow… $380 Laptops… This just keeps getting better

Well this is an even better deal than the Zonbook pricing if you don’t take the subscription.

If this was available for $279 when you took two years of Zonbu magic, I’d probably buy another one.

If you’ve been following along, you already know that I beleive Zonbu needs to mainstream their hardware. Its looking more and more like that wouldn’t be difficult at all either…

The deal hounds over at just posted this one:

Acer Aspire Intel 1.73GHz 14


Acer Aspire Intel 1.73GHz 14″ Widescreen Laptop offers the Acer Aspire 4315-2004 Intel Celeron 1.73GHz 14″ Widescreen Notebook for $379.99. With $19.85 for shipping, it’s the lowest total price we could find by $125. It features an Intel Celeron M 530 1.73GHz processor, 14.1″ 2048×1536 Widescreen LCD, 512MB RAM, 80GB hard drive, 802.11g wireless, and Windows Vista Home Basic.

-Mr. Zonbu


2 Responses to Wow… $380 Laptops… This just keeps getting better

  1. I guess the magic point for laptops is $450 for 2ghz CPU, 2gb RAM, 128mb video, and at least 100gb HDD.

    I think we will see deals like that everywhere by the end of 2008.

    My main problem with the Zonbu laptop is that at only 1.5ghz, it has no staying power, certainly not for a 2 year contract.

  2. sax says:

    Windows Vista Home Basic. If my experience with other Home versions of Microsoft OS’s is any judge, I’d avoid this at all costs. Meaning there will be an extra cost to upgrade the OS to a professional or business version, putting this in the $450-$500 range.

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