Beauty: ZonbuOS not meeting basic photo management needs

The beauty is not happy tonight.  Which means Mr. Zonbu isn’t happy.Canon SD800

After putting the baby to bed, the Beauty sat down to deal with some of the dozens of recent photos on our digital camera.

She plugged in her SD card reader to the USB slot and waited.

She heard a brief sound but no wizard popped up. She waited a minute or two then said to me that it wasn’t working.

I asked her why she thought that and she said she didn’t get any wizard to help her import the photos…

I couldn’t recall if there should be a wizard or not, from my experiences, so I went over to look. It really doesn’t matter if one should technically appear, its definitely a usability feature that people desire so it needs to be added. Sure enough the device had appeared on her desktop (I minimized the windows to show her) but she was really irritated that there was no import wizard.

“You could try using the photo management software, although I’m not sure it will do what you want.” I offered.

“I don’t know what that means, and I don’t want to learn anything new right now. I just want to grab a few photos, resize them and send them to our friends.”

Product managers at Zonbu, I hope you’re listening.

She soldiered on and clicked on the key only to be greeted with the numerically named directories Canon decided it should use. Onwards and she found the photos she wanted to email.

“Where is the right-click-to-resize function?” she asked.

“Umm… I don’t think there is one. I mentioned it some time ago but they don’t appear to have added it yet.”

“Well this is really annoying. What if I wanted to deal with 100 photos. I need help importing and tagging these and I want it to capture the video clips as well. This is no good to me if I can’t do one of my basic functions. If its not meeting my needs then forget it.”

At this point I dove in, opened the images she needed in the Gimp, rotated them, downsized them and saved them under new names. Not very user friendly at all. Easy for me, but not for the Beauty and nothing short of really disappointing for a product thats supposed to be easy to use for the whole family.

I’m highly inclined to agree with a previous commenter who said Picasa should probably be included by default (at least if rotate and resize functions are built in along with friendly import).

Zonbu really needs to get it together on the photo management front if the stereotypical user the Beauty represents wants to be courted and won over.

Equally as important, the geek-on-call who recommends the Zonbu is trying not to get called over to deal with these kinds of things. Making our lives harder, not easier, is not going to win any endoresements either.

I’d like to see photo management improved materially ASAP.

-Mr. Zonbu


4 Responses to Beauty: ZonbuOS not meeting basic photo management needs

  1. mrzonbu says:

    I’ve got to say, without using it but based on the website, DigiKam looks pretty nice:

    -Mr. Z

  2. Rigas says:

    Hi Mr Zonbu,

    I agree – GIMP is no tool for the average computer user. it certainly can do a lot of things, but I always forget, how to do them …

    For my photos I still use Photoshop Elements on my XP machine.


  3. hjarche says:

    I’m noticing that the Zonbu may be marketed as the PC for the masses, but there’s still a major geek factor for a lot of tasks. Just delve into the support forums and any average PC user will be completely overwhelmed.

  4. Paul Dyer says:

    Have you tried f-spot, on zonbu listed as “photo organizer” under the multimedia menu. It will import (click file –>import), rotate (select photo and right click to rotate either left or right), attach tags, remove redeye, export to any size you want and much more very easily (even easier than iphoto on a mac). From the export menu you can chose to export to a folder, a cd (burn a cd), picasaweb(google photos), flicker and several other on line services. To email the selected photos, simple select send by mail from the file menu and it will offer various size choices (tiny, small, medium, large, extra large, and original size. Click the size you want and click send mail. An email compose window pops up with the resized photos already attached. It couldn’t be easier.

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